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TRAIL ADVENTURES IS OPEN! is proud to announce the establishment of Trail Adventures. The trail has been built on private land above the Constantia Nek , North Oaks and  Bokkemankloof Estates in Hout Bay. It features a 2.5km trail loop that traverses typical fynbos and bluegum forests .

Please be aware that the trail is being developed all the time. We are open to feedback that we might add, change or correct to the trail.

Positioned on a beautiful piece of land, the trail has amazing views into Orangekloof and Hout Bay. The lay of the land means the trail is technical and challenging through all its A-lines. For the less experienced we have created a B-lines, which means the trail can be enjoyed by all.

Powered by Private Client Holdings, Pedal Power Association and, the vision of the trail is to increase riding skills through a maintained and safe cross country mountain bike trail. It is open and accessible to all riders. We have waivered the permit fee in hope of getting more involvement and riding ,from the mountain biking community, on the the trail.

Please be aware that you are riding on the trail at your own risk. and the trails supporters do not hold any liability for injuries or damages that are incurred to a rider or their bicycles, while riding the trail.



The pipetrack has been Hout Bay's "cycling super-highway", since people started riding mountain bikes back in the early 90's.

The history behind the pipetrack is that was planned as an alternative roadway for traffic entering and leaving Hout Bay. It also has a major waterpipe running along its edge, bringing water in to the valley. Having never been developed it has become a huge asset for mountain bikers wanting to enter and leave Hout Bay.

There are in fact four separately owned pieces of land through which the pipetrack travels, which are managed by four different land-owners. Trail Adventures has obtained the permission from three of the four land-owners for mountain bikers to traverse their section of pipetrack.

The fourth is SANParks, who have said they do not want people riding on their piece of pipetrack. Their standpoint, is that this section does not fall under the current EMP.

Below is the map outlining their section, with the blue cross marking the position of Trail Adventures, which falls on private land:

We, as the management of the trail, are obligated to ask riders to dismount their bicycles and walk this section of the pipetrack. (It is however not our task to control riders from dismounting their bikes or signposting where they need to dismount.)

Here is the official Trail Adventures, Strava segment:


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