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The Belgian brand VermarcSport has been around for over 40 year, enough time to master the art of producing perfect cycling apparel! It all started with a bold vision of Frans Verbeeck, ex-professional Belgian cyclist and founder of VermarcSport. He wanted to develop the world’s best cycling team wear to meet the requirements of professional and passionate cyclists. Therefore, VermarcSport chooses to collaborate closely with their test riders and take their feedback seriously. Every single product VermarcSport produces is genuine, authentic and produced in Europe’s absolute top cycling specific factory. Their access to technology and the newest fabric is enormous and their product consistency & longevity is impeccable.The Professional team’s riders are proud to wear VermarcSport cycling kit as they contribute to the development of each product and push the boundaries in terms of comfort and fit.

Vermarc offers a wide variety of custom kit.  The comfort ES.L line offers a unique Vermarc quality and comfort to meet the technical questions of cyclists of all levels and for the most diverse type of riders. The premium SP.L line benefits of the immense professional testing and research of Vermarc’s premium collection and gives a unique proposition on performance and comfort. The elite PR.R line takes more innovative, more ergonomic and lighter garments to meet the highest requirements of the professional riders. It is perfectly possible to combine the different qualities in one personalized and uniform design. This allows each team and each passionate cyclist a custom made offer adapted to different needs and budget.


ESSENTIAL LINE garments showcase comfort and value unique to Vermarc. ES .L fabrics and fit are optimised to meet the technical demands of cyclists of all ability levels, accommodating the widest variety of riders. ES .L garments provide exceptional value by pairing quality materials with essential features and comfort. With a variety of garments and accessories, ES .L offers essential basics and flexible combination possibilities to satisfy every preference.

Wearability for all.


SPORT LINE is designed to give a slight compression effect to provide a tight fit that moves with your body while performing. SP.L high quality fabrics and patterns are cut ergonomically to perfectly clone the shape and movements of a cyclist in the riding position. Each product detail is carefully executed enhancing the performance and riding experience. The idea is to forget about what you’re wearing and focus on the ride. The SP.L collection benefits from the incredible amount of professional research and testing that go into Vermarc’s premium collections.

Performance. Comfort.


PRO RACING RESEARCH LINE is the elite apparel collection of Vermarc. PR.R is the research applied for the development of cycling outfits for professionals. These premium cycling garments consistently set the bar for technical advancement, innovation and performance. PR.R light weighted carbon fiber fabrics contour perfectly to the body, forming a ‘second skin’ that makes every movement natural and comfortable. The fabrics, features and level of detail in PR.R garments endow them with racing fit and performance characteristics difficult to overcome.

Carbon fiber technology. Professional testers.


The Triathlon team wear has been developed using all the technical materials and details from the PRR line, adapted for tri-athletes.
The range is made of a new generation super matt 190 gr. Lycra chosen for its unique innovative design in small channels, which means improved lightness and reduced thickness to fit the
athlete like a second skin. It features 4 needle seams, reflex piping inserted in the back and printable elastic LEG GRIP 50mm with silicon woven into its structure for a high level of comfort. The new TRI shammy has designed specifically for Triathlon with a small bulk to provide protection without added weight in water.

Vermarc employs an entire team of designers who are ready to impress you with their ability. We don’t copy/past from generic templates.  And since every single company has their own unique corporate identity and every group of cyclists have their own personal preferences, your input is required here. Our highly skilled designers will listen to your briefing and preferences and work on a design until you are entirely satisfied.   Besides a briefing on the style of kit you are after, we will also need:

  • Logos in high resolution vector format to ensure a beautiful sharp print quality.
  • Pantone colours to guarantee 100% colour correctness.  


Click on each of the following links to see templates by range:


Firstly, we quote you. We take great care in preparing a personalized quotation based on your needs and we do our utmost to ensure every single client gets the best value for his requirements. We can also make recommendations within your budget. Or just use the quote tab to request pricing information. Please note a variety of economic influences forces us to limit the validity of a quotation for 2 months.    

When the quote is accepted, our design team takes over. They are all professional creatives based in Europe. We take your briefing here and ensure it gets translated correctly. Our commitment is to work until you are happy. 

While we’re busy creating magic on your design, you should take a moment to see which sizes will need to be produced. Click here to see the Vermarc sizing guide or talk to us to see if you can come in for a fitting. 

Once the design is finalized and the sizes confirmed, the order is confirmed through a 50% deposit and production can start. Our entire range is manufactured in Italy. The very best factory in Europe looks after the quality of every element of your kit. This takes time. 8 weeks to be exact. Again, we always try to go the extra mile for our clientele, but cutting into the production delay creates risks. 

Delivery fees are not included in the cost of the product. You can collect finished product from our offices or we can quote you for one of our trusted courier companies to deliver it to your home or office address.

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