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Custom Triathlon Apparel

We’re here to guide you to make your corporate or club kit order easy and effortless.Did you think triathlons involved just three disciplines? Wrong. There’s a fourth challenge that’s just as important as the others and it’s called transition. A quick and seamless transition can make all the difference to a good performance. The top athletes can expect to transition in a matter of seconds and have it down to a fine art.

We are proud to offer a fantastic selection of triathlon wetsuits, triathlon clothing, and triathlon gear that will help you train and race to your fullest potential.  Choose between 2 styles of tops, shorts, Olympic Suit or Iron Suit in ladies or men’s cuts to suit your needs.The Triathlon team wear has been developed using all the technical materials and details from the PRR line, adapted for tri-athletes. 

The range is made of a new generation super matt 190 gr. Lycra chosen for its unique innovative design in small channels, which means improved lightness and reduced thickness to fit the
athlete like a second skin. It features 4 needle seams, reflex piping inserted in the back and printable elastic LEG GRIP 50mm with silicon woven into its structure for a high level of comfort. The new TRI shammy has been designed specifically for Triathlon with a small bulk to provide protection without added weight in water.


The new TRI seat pad was specially designed for the triathlon and has a small padding that provides protection but minimizes water absorption during the swimming part.


The use of carbon fibers that protect the body against static energy and UV rays. The structure of the fabric accelerates the moisture drift and keeps the skin dry and cool at the same time.


Clothing with reflective logos or strips or available in fluorescent color to increase the safety of the athlete.


Advanced fibers and composition of the substances so that cold and water do not penetrate to the skin but allows moisture drift.


Clothing designed with an aerodynamic, tight fit that feels like a second skin, making every movement feel very natural and comfortable.


The use of performance-oriented substances with levels of compression levels ensures the right compression on the different muscle groups. This technology provides better comfort, increases blood circulation and gives more oxygen and strength during the activity and helps to prevent or reduce acidification.


The clothing is tested in special wind tunnels where simulations are done with different currents for testing the structure of the fabric and the fit. This knowledge and innovation is used for the optimization of the aerodynamics of the clothing, which ensures that riders can ride even faster than before. 

Vermarc employs an entire team of designers who are ready to impress you with their ability. We don’t copy/past from generic templates.  And since every single company has their own unique corporate identity and every group of cyclists have their own personal preferences, your input is required here. Our highly skilled designers will listen to your briefing and preferences and work on a design until you are entirely satisfied.   Besides a briefing on the style of kit you are after, we will also need:

  • Logos in high resolution vector format to ensure a beautiful sharp print quality.
  • Pantone colours to guarantee 100% colour correctness.  


Click on the following link to see the Triathlon template:

Firstly, we quote you. We take great care in preparing a personalized quotation based on your needs and we do our utmost to ensure every single client gets the best value for his requirements. We can also make recommendations within your budget. Or just use the quote tab to request pricing information. Please note a variety of economic influences forces us to limit the validity of a quotation for 2 months.    

When the quote is accepted, our design team takes over. They are all professional creatives based in Europe. We take your briefing here and ensure it gets translated correctly. Our commitment is to work until you are happy. 

While we’re busy creating magic on your design, you should take a moment to see which sizes will need to be produced. Click here to see the Vermarc sizing guide or talk to us to see if you can come in for a fitting. 

Once the design is finalized and the sizes confirmed, the order is confirmed through a 50% deposit and production can start. Our entire range is manufactured in Italy. The very best factory in Europe looks after the quality of every element of your kit. This takes time. 8 weeks to be exact. Again, we always try to go the extra mile for our clientele, but cutting into the production delay creates risks. 

Delivery fees are not included in the cost of the product. You can collect finished product from our offices or we can quote you for one of our trusted courier companies to deliver it to your home or office address.

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