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Bicyclegear is proud to announce their "Originals" range of apparel, developed to suit your lifestyle both on and off the bicycle. It has taken twelve years of experience representing high quality imported brands and a firm dedication to clientele with high expectations, for us to feel comfortable launching our own Bicyclegear Originals range. We have tapped into our expertise and know-how built since 2005 to produce a great quality cycling clothing line, entirely locally made.

In 1817, a dapper young man wearing a top hat and tails was seen riding along a highway in southern Germany on a two-wheeled wooden vehicle. His name was Karl von Drais, a brilliant young industrial designer, and the machine was the velocipede or pedal-less bicycle, which he had just invented.

Ever since, cycling has attracted its share of free thinkers and nonconformists – the unconventionally stylish with a certain je ne sais quoi, looking to express their cycling DNA through what they wear and how they live.

And so, with a doff of a cap to von Drais, Après Vélo was born, a premium cycling emporium, created by Leonard Greis, cycling tragic and purveyor of fine clothing for over 30 years.

Après Vélo offers cycling inspired fashion and lifestyle products that are distinctly stylish, but with a twist - a love of the slightly absurd. Everything you’ll find here is created with passion by cyclists, for cyclists.

If you’d like to live your passion for cycling with an individual sense of style and humour, then welcome to our tribe of like-minded souls. We don’t take ourselves too seriously – we share a zest for adventure, fun, freedom and friendships. It’s that harmonious obsessiveness which makes us a little different.

We like to think Karl von Drais would approve.


It all began in 1977 with a bold vision of Frans Verbeeck, ex-professional Belgian cyclist and founder of Vermarc Sport: “We will develop the world’s best cycling team wear. Tapping from our experience of the world of cycling, using the most advanced fabrics and creating garments to meet the highest requirements of professional and passionate cyclists.”

This pioneering spirit has resulted in a philosophy which challenges our Vermarc Sport team every day. Moving the boundaries of possibility. More innovative, more ergonomic and more lightweight….

Today, the Vermarc Sport brand stands for extraordinary and personalized design, outstanding quality and maximum performance. Its unique cut, comfort and use of high quality stretch Italian fabrics offer the greatest possible freedom of movement.

Every part, every detail of the Vermarc Sport collection reflects its passion for cycling, its heritage and the intensive long term collaboration with the best professional teams in the world. Their feedback results in a continued improvement of our collections.

Mountainsmith was founded in 1979 by legendary outdoorsman Patrick Smith and was born of a need for seriously durable gear that could withstand the rigors of backcountry pursuits in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. His initial product innovation was the world’s first fully rigid backcountry ski sled to haul massive loads of gear effectively and efficiently through the harsh Colorado winter wilderness. Soon after, Patrick Smith came up with the iconic lumbar waist pack to effectively carry gear while backcountry skiing and secured the first patent for a lumbar pack, US PAT #5529230, using our Delta Load Compression system which carries on into the present day within a variety of our packs and classic lumbars.

As a company, Mountainsmith continues it’s commitment to building the best made, most durable and functional packs on the market; unmatched by anyone for their comfort, stability, value and performance in the backcountry. This tradition of legendary quality continues with a full line of outdoor products for today’s active lifestyle consumer. The quality and comfort of all Mountainsmith products – technical backpacks, trekking poles, tents and sleeping bags, travel storage systems, luggage, pet products, camera bags, as well as our iconic lumbar packs - set a standard of excellence in the outdoor marketplace. Mountainsmith manufactures, markets, and distributes a wide array of products designed to meet the demands of rigorous travel on and off the trail, through mountain valleys, summit ascents, campus quads, red rock canyons, and far off airports...anywhere your next adventure takes you.

May 2005 was an important and crucial moment in the history of Reskin.  After receiving a couple of complaints from riders of a professional racing team, ReSkin was developed. During the Tour of Germany, the Pro’s had to race in very difficult circumstances. The first day was rainy, the second day it was very hot, and on the third day it was snowing. As a result, their skin became very weak and many riders had blisters and burns between their thighs.

Even clothing specifically designed for racers was not giving them adequate protection against friction and blisters under these extreme circumstances, so the team at ReSkin came up with another solution. They took material from the medical industry to create a bandage. The bandage's ability to hug the skin - protecting it from blisters and burns - make it an instant hit with cyclists.  This new generation cycling seat pad represents a tremendous step forward in the prevention of chronic wounds. The ReSkin cycling pad (ReSkin Bike) is lined with a self-adhesive medical grade polymer gel, specially designed to relieve the friction between the body and the bicycle saddle or rough surfaces like the seam area where the chamois is sewed on the shorts or sand that has made access into the short.