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Everybody feels good in this kit

Written by Eve Berman


Posted on February 01 2023

Everybody feels good in the custom cycling kit for our club, not just the super racers.

“It is the fellowship, the comradery, the effort of the climb and the reward of a single-track race, especially the downhill. We all love the downhill.

Our first contact with Bicyclegear was a couple of years ago at 94.7. We’ve been making use of them ever since because we love the fit of our custom cycling kit, the design and the way it makes our club riders feel when wearing it. Even though our cycling jerseys are black, they were designed in such a way that we can still spot our riders in a crowd.

It is always such an absolute pleasure working with Eve, no fuzz and such a seamless approach. We’ve recommended others in our area to have their own custom kit made and have also been really happy.

The colour, design and fit of our club cycling kit works well in our favour because it fits all body types - not just the super racers.” - Werdich Smit – MegChem Cycling Club.


We are always focused on making our clients’ process as painless as possible. Their brand is our priority, and we do everything in our power to bring it to life in the most creative and comfortable way.



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