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Pain due to friction from cycling shorts while cycling is a phenomena that is very common among cyclists. This can seriously affect the performance of professional cyclists. If this pain can be prevented, performance is bound to increase.

The ReSkin Anti-Chafe or Anti-Friction plaster minimises the effects of friction that takes place between skin and sports clothing.  The ReSkin Silicone Skin Technology combines two unique features:

  • super-soft silicone adhesive
  • bi-elastic top layer; elastic in the length and in the width

It forms a protective layer on skin, primarily when doing sports activities such as cycling, hiking, running, triathlon,...where a high risk exists to develop chafe or blisters and consequently to have increased pain and friction wounds.  

The most important benefits of ReSkin® are:

  • Optimum prevention of friction
  • Excellent moisture vapour transport
  • Excellent heat dissipation
  • Long term hygienic properties
  • Easy-care, washable at 30°C
  • Skin friendly

Your Skincare: ReSkin is Skin Friendly. It is breathable (due to the Lycra® material construction) and pain-free to remove (because of the specially designed silicone adhesive).  If the area you wish to protect is particularly hairy, to the point where the ReSkin may not make an effective adhesive bond to the skin, shaving in advance is recommended. 

Cleaning and Instructions for Re-Use: Depending on how intensely the ReSkin is used, it is possible to re-use it several times (yes, it does stay sticky). When showering after sports, simply stick ReSkin on the tiles of the bathroom or another suitable smooth area. Rinse the ReSkin with lukewarm water and use a mild soap or shampoo to wash it. 

Allow the ReSkin to dry and once it has dried you can use it again. We recommend not using fabric softener or too much detergent.

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