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MTB Baggies

R 350.00 R 750.00

The mountain bike baggy is made with a natural hemp textile to create a flexible yet strong mountain biking product. 

Colour- Grey with a red thread.

Why do we choose to use hemp?

  • The textile is naturally anti-bacterial.
  • The textile dries very quickly.
  • The textile is sourced ethically.
  • The textile is sustainable and better for the environment.
  • The product is far stronger than synthetic textiles, so when you fall your baggies have a better chance of surviving.
  • The baggies won't smell as the fibres inhibit bacteria build-up.

     How have we made the baggy?

    • The baggies are specifically designed for a bib short to be worn under it.
    • An extra panel protects the baggies around the saddle area.
    • A reflective strip is present for better visibility.
    • 2 pockets for all your trail necessities.

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