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Vermarc's Roubaix Riding Bibs - Keeping you warm through winter

Posted on June 22 2017

Roubaix Winter Riding bibs

The Vermarc Roubaix Bib Tights go a long way to ticking a great many boxes at a sensible price.

At R1899.00, the Vermarc Roubaix bib tights 3D are a good value pair of work-horse tights. They cope well with colder temperatures, and although they are rated down to 8 °C they've been out on snow at -3 °C and kept my legs toasty warm still. At warmer temperatures they don't overload you so should provide good riding comfort for three seasons at least.

AdTech AdThey are comfortable on the legs, with stirrups to keep the ankles in place, and a fleece backing for warmth.

On the upper area of the tights Vermarc have given the tummy some covering with the material going up relatively high. It's a little odd looking, and it's also quite elasticated so may be a bit pinchy if you are blessed with a barrel rather than a six pack.

They're not water-resistant, so rain will soak into the material and chill you. This obviously isn't a great thing, but they are not billed as water-resistant and they have plenty of insulation for dry conditions.

The pad I found comfortable, able to cope perfectly well with rides of around three hours. The Roubaix fleece-backed material did a grand job of keeping the chills away. With the higher waistband incorporating the Roubaix fleece all the way up and to the rear, if your jacket rides up then at least your back and kidneys will be keep snug.

Altogether a solid pair of winter tights, not laden with tech features, but more than able to cope with the rigours of cold weather riding.

AdTech AdVerdict: Good value, winter work-horse tights, will see lots of use.


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