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Vermarc Roubaix Arm Warmers Review

Posted on June 29 2017

Vermarc produce a wide range of kit for varying budgets and their sponsorship of several teams – including Mark Cavendish's Etixx-QuickStep squad – means they have a wealth of knowledge to draw from. These arm and leg warmers work well and do their job with little fuss.

These have a fleecy, Roubaix lining, which adds more warmth than unlined warmers, and the fabric sits softly next to the skin. On a sunny spring ride, coupled with a base layer and windproof short sleeve jersey, I was comfortable for the two-three hour duration. As the day went on and the temperature began to drop a little they still performed well and held their own in the blustery wind, working effectively to keep the breeze off the skin.

They handle road spray well, and nothing soaked in, instead beading on the surface and then falling off or evaporating.  You will get wet and, inevitably, cold, if riding in a prolonged storm but if you’re out on a hard training ride and the weather turns then they’ll definitely do.

Fit on the arms was good and the seams didn’t create any pressure points or irritation. I like the length, as they went right up to the hand and all the way up the upper arm creating a good overlap at either end with the gloves and jersey. The legs are long – not necessarily a bad thing but they’re definitely for leggier riders. That added length creates a good overlap with shorts and socks, but also creates some bunching at the ankle and the top, which resulted in saddle rub at the upper end.


All in all, these warmers work well at a fair price. They’ll increase the flexibility of your cycling wardrobe and deliver no-nonsense performance. Just watch out for the length of the leg warmers.


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